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What should i do to prep my car for winter

I live in Indiana and we on average can get down to the low teens and get some snow here. What are some things I should do know to help prep my car to allow it to operate at peak performance throughout the winter. My car is a 2002 Kia Sedona mini van.

Have the battery checked, and also the temp protection for the coolant. An oil change is a plus, and if you are lucky enough to have a block heater, I use mine ant 15 deg or below.

Also, in addition to Waterboy’s suggestions, be sure all the maintenance is up to date. A 2002 Sedona properly maintained will have no trouble running well in the winter.

Rubber booted winter wipers are a real safety plus. And “winter mix” washer fluid. Summer mix will freeze in your lines and become useless.

Most important of all, good tires. Since you’re aparently new to winter driving, allow me to emphasize winter tires rather than all-season. Failure of a car to start can ruin your day, but failure of a car to stop can ruin the rest of your life.

A good dial-type tire pressure gage. Check the pressure routinely.

oh i am use to drving in winter weather, been in indy for over 13 years, but never really thought about 'winterizing" my car until now and especially now with an older car and it being a mini van which I gotta believe handles a little different in snow/ice and slush over a car. I have heard you should overinflate your tires just a tad in the winter, is that true?

No that is not true.

Over inflating tires actually reduces traction. It has been rumored under inflating tires improves traction but the psi on the door sticker is what you should go by. Stick with the standards, and replace tires as needed.