What should i always have in my car

I just bought a used Honda I live in Connecticut. I?m in college and I want to know what I should have in my car, Any Suggestions

Since cold weather is coming, keep a blanket and some extra clothing like a hat and gloves in there. Get a snow brush if you don’t have one already.

You definitely want a flashlight, preferably an LED one with a lithium battery (which will stay good for ten years or so). I have some Fenix lights that are nice.

Everyone should have a tire gauge on hand, so you might as well keep yours in the car.

A Swiss Army knife is good to have, especially if it has a bottle opener, can opener, and corkscrew.

You could carry some basic tools and some tape in case of a breakdown, although most of the time you probably wouldn’t be able to fix whatever is wrong.

You might want some jumper cables in case your battery dies, although the good ones are heavy and take up some space. If your battery is four or more years old, keep in mind that there’s a decent chance it will die this winter or next winter.

Make sure that your spare tire is inflated and that all of the tire-changing equipment (especially the jack and the lug wrench) came with the car. I like to add a pair of those rubber dishwashing gloves to keep my hands clean if I ever had to change a tire.

You could hide $20 in the car somewhere for emergencies, but put a Post-It on your title to remind you to get it out if you sell the car.

I assume you’ve put an umbrella in there by now.

Some paper towels or napkins are always useful.

Make sure to keep up on your maintenance, especially the oil changes and the timing belt.

Buy Some Heavy Jumper Cables That You’ll Have For A Lifetime. Also, A Bag Of Kitty Litter To Sprinkle Under The Tires If You Or A Friend Are Stuck On Ice Is Nice!

Keep A Passenger From The Other Gender In The Vehicle In Case The Kitty Litter Doesn’t Work And You Need To Stay Warm.

If you are prone to do things like forget to gas up, or if having your car stop some place between here and there is a scary thought, then go get AAA coverage. I guess it’s a given you will have a cell phone with you. Hide a $20. bill inside the car and leave it alone for an Oh My God moment. It’s not if, it’s when.

Pack some MRE’s and a few bottles of water. Also bring some matches or a butane lighter in case you need to build a fire. The bottled water may freeze, but you can melt it and drink it if you are stuck out in the wilds for a couple of days.

If you need glasses to drive, keep an old set in the car. There’s always a good chance of your regular set breaking or getting lost at a most inconvenient time.

In the winter, a snow shovel. You can get small ones with folding or telescoping handles if space is an issue. In urban areas you can get plowed into your parking spot, and if you get stuck, you can often dig your way out if you have a shovel. They are a lot better than trying to get out with your hands or a coffee cup.

Gasoline, and maybe some blankets. Everything else is negotiable.

common sense…all above suggestions are good but you should always keep a cell phone handy and look at weather forecasts if taking any trips and vary your provisions accordingly. Any phone numbers (eg. tow truck) can be obtained from local PD. Have a blanket, some water, toilet paper and energy bars with you all the time.

I’d hate to list what I have in mine but certainly you want a cell phone and a motor club card. I’m also partial to the LED miners type lights that strap on your head. They give off bright light and leave your hands free. WalMart for around $12. I also carry a spare serpentine belt. Usually not a problem since I do preemptive parts replacements. A quart of oil, etc. It just depends if you are always in town or out in the middle of nowhere in a snow storm.

Cell Phone.

It can get you anything else you need.

I own a cell phone, but seldom use it. It spends most of it’s time just sitting in my car. I pay about $15.00 a year to keep it active.

“I own a cell phone, but seldom use it. It spends most of it’s time just sitting in my car. I pay about $15.00 a year to keep it active.”

No need! Your cell phone should work for 911 calls whether you have an account or not. Or so I’ve read. Contact you State Police to confirm this.

I think that only the old analog cell phones were capable of calling 911, even if your service had lapsed. From what I have been told, the newer digital cell phones will not enable you to call 911 unless you are paid-up with a carrier.

Can anyone verify this for us?

Make sure you pack all this stuff on top of the spare tire cover so that no one will ever want to check the pressure in your spare.

I can’t count the cars I unloaded the trunk too check the spare and then later in the day noticed someones personal gear sitting in the corner of the shop, long after the car was gone

I do use it for other things on occasion. I also might want to call for assistance if I were to get stuck with a lug nut that is stubborn or if I just get lost etc. and I don’t think that is a 911 type call.