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What’s my car’s model year?

I bought my 2018 Yaris IA in July of 2018. I just noticed (12/18) on the door sticker it says the car was manufactured in Oct. 2017. Does this make it a 2017 car or an '18 car?

Production for the next year generally begins in the first week of September the year before so a car manufactured September 1, 2017 would normally be a 2018 model year vehicle.

There are exceptions, a design change or a certification change can allow a 2019 model year vehicle production to begin in January, 2018.

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If Toyota CALLS it a 2018 car then it IS a 2018 car. Very simple.

There are examples of the next model year of a car going on sale in May of the year before. I.e. The 1984 Corvette going on sale in May of 1983. The cars were sold AS 1984 cars but the build date is 1983. It is a marketing thing. The cars were 1984 cars because GM said they were.

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I bought a 2011 Toyota Sienna in either April or May of 2010. I remember when the 1949 model Fords came out in the summer of 1948. These didn’t even look like Fords. I also remember going to the Studebaker showroom with my dad in the summer
of 1946. A new Studebaker was on display. I learned later that this was a 1947 model.

It is just what the title says it is . If you notice you can buy a 2019 vehicle this month .