What motor is this? And is it worth it to fix it up?

You have the internet, look the motor up on Google or Bing or Duck Duck Go. This isn’t Reddit.


Good Grief , how are people supposed to answer some thing like this . Did not say if something was wrong with the engine , if it was in or out of a vehicle , is for sale or even where they are .

I believe the op is asking about the 3.9 Cummins that’s some owners swap into Jeep Wranglers.

I think we can answer definitively.

It’s a Cummins B3.9-130 motor.

And no, it’s not worth fixing, because if OP couldn’t figure that part out, he isn’t gonna be able to do the work himself, and he’s gonna spend a fortune having a shop do it for him.



Well thank you for letting me know what it is, and actually I’m a mechanic but I was only asking because it was left on a property I work at for over 4 months, and I was finally able to open it up last week and see what it had in it since there was a decal on the fender that read, Cummins HO turbocharged diesel. Now I’ll admit I’m just a “gasoline” mechanic not a diesel mechanic, I’ve never touched a diesel before besides working with my step father’s tow truck company, which I wasn’t working on the wreckers and such just towing vehicles.
I was just asking what the exact motor was and if it was any good to fix up because I’m about to do one of three things,
Fix that motor.
Swap it with a V8
Or something honestly I’m not sure yet, hence why I came to this forum and not just reddit

But thank you again for the info

I’ve been watching those car shows and they seem to try to get those old motors running without rebuilding them first. There is lots to be learned and accomplished just by doing that. Glow plugs and fuel pump seem to be important. It makes you think that the fuel injectors are indestructible which I have a hard time believing. The old mechanics want to do the least work to make things run. I’m for that. Don’t work too hard and try to have fun. We’re all qualified for that.