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What Make is my 2005 Workhorse?

I recently acquired a 2005 Workhorse for a reasonable price, but I am looking to resell it, as it is too big for my needs. I was wondering which company makes these Step Vans (i.e who makes their engines) so I don’t feel stupid when anyone asks what make it is. Please help.

The internet shows several models. You should type in Workhorse and in a minute or two, you should be able to identify the model. The make is Workhorse.

I have tried to research the model and make of this vehicle, and am at a loss because I cannot find any information about it. All I know is that it has a GM engine (very specific) made by Vortec. All I know is that Workhorse makes the chassis ( and Morgan Olson manufactures the vehicle. But exactly what kind of vehicle this is, I don’t have a clue. Please help!

Let’s narrow it down. Do you use gasoline or diesel? Open the hood. There may be stickers on the radiator, body, or hood with information on them. Copy it down and post it. Count the spark plugs to see if it is a vee or in-line configuration and 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engine. There might be markings on the engine or parts on the engine block that offer information. Post thise, too.

Well, I went to the Morgan Olson website,, and they build their ‘Route Star’ Walk-in Step Vans on a variety of chassis, like Workhorse, Ford, and Freightliner. Vortec is a GM brand, not a separate company. They typically have the engine size imprinted on a plastic engine cover over the intake manifold.

It’s a V8 Engine (8 plugs), gasoline

Thanks for the information! Morgan Olson does happen to be the manufacturer, with the Workhorse chassis made with a Vortec engine.