What Kind of Car is this?


what kind of car is this?

any help would be greatly appreciated.



Recheck your link. When I click on it no picture comes up.


can’t see image.
try attaching it to a reply.


Me too.


I believe this is the photo the OP is refering to. It took a few minutes to find it. sometimes you need to break down the link:

click on “Gilmoregirls”
click on “screencaps”
click on “albums”
click on “season 2”
click on “Richard in Stars Hollow” (episode 2.12)
scroll through 15 pages of screen shots to find image #1192.
No problem!


That would be your Studebaker Lark.



Early 1960s Dodge Lancer, I think.


It’s a Plymount Valiant!


That is indeed a Lancer. They had that wacko little piece of trim that ended mid-door.


Looks like a Dodge Lancer, probably a 1962. Like this: http://oldcarandtruckpictures.com/Chrysler/1962DodgeLancer1702DoorSedan-a4.jpg

Only nicer . . .


I thought Studebaker at first, but no, it’s a Lancer.


I think you’re right!



I also vote Dodge Lancer


Indeed. Visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:62Lancer.jpg to see a clear photo of another of its kind.


I can tell you definitively that it is, indeed, a Dodge Lancer. The Lancer, which was produced only for the '61 and '62 model years was essentially the same car as the Plymouth Valiant, which had come onto the scene beginning in the '60 model year.

The only differences between the Lancer and the Valiant were:

*The front grille (The Lancer had a much nicer-looking grille, albeit one that was very easily damaged if someone over-rode the pathetic bumpers that were the norm back then.)

*The tail lights (Circular on the Lancer, sort of ovoid on the Valiant)

*The trim on the front doors (The Valiant trim ended in a straight line, whereas the Lancer trim had a little downward curve to it.)

*The upholstery was a bit nicer on the Lancer.

*And, of course, the Lancer was a bit more expensive than the Valiant.

Dodge dealers had demanded something to market to the people who were interested in the new crop of compact cars that came on the market in 1960, thus the introduction of the Lancer, 1 yr. after its sister, the Valiant. Unfortunately, the sales figures for the Lancer were so poor that Chrysler could not justify selling this slight variant of the Valiant, and the Lancer died after just 2 model years.

Still, the Valiant/Lancer was a sturdy little car that could out-accelerate, and out-handle the competing Ford Falcon and Chevy Corvair. Unfortunately, it was not as fuel-efficient as the Falcon and the Corvair, and as a result, sales were decent, but not as impressive as Chrysler had hoped for.


Yep that’s a Lancer. Same as a Plymouth Valiant. Slant six I believe. Like the energizer bunny.


It’s just like a Plymouth Valiant except it’s a Dodge Lancer. Most likely with the old slant 6.


No, definitely with the Slant Six, as that was the only engine available on the Valiant and the Lancer. Some years later, a small V-8 option existed for the Valiant and the Dart, but a Slant Six (in 2 different displacements) was the only engine installed at that point.


No doubt about it. It’s a Lancer. Read the model ID on the door. So, it must be a Dodge.