What is wrong with my Truck?

I have a Ford F350 with dual fuel tanks with 126,000 miles. I have taken to an ASE Certified mechanic and they cannot seem to find the problem. When I am driving along, using the front tank, the truck sputers and dies. I switch it over to the rear tank and it starts right up and off I go. When I take it into my mechanic and tells me he does not have any problems with the front tank – how can this be. I have taken it into the mechanic three times and still have the problem. Could you please advise me on what could be wrong?

This is a very simple fix and I am surprised that your mechanic is not aware of the problem. The rocker switch on the dash that changes tanks is bad. Its a $20.00 part and takes 10 minutes to change. To verify this you can pull the switch out of the dash and twist it while the truck is running on the front tank and the truck will quit. I have changed more of these switches, to cure the exact problem you are having, then I can count.
~Michael (Dartman69)

I will give this a try, thank you very much.