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What is this bead breaker hand tool used for?

For the initial busting of the bead? I can’t imagine how that would work. Or do you use it to loosen the rest of the tire bead after a small portion of the bead has already been pressed off?

Just guessing here. But for DIY when you don’t have access to pneumatic bed breaker.

It doesn’t seem like it would be that useful if all it did was loosen the rest of the bead after the initial segment had been pressed off. Usually all I have to do at that point is walk on the tire to push the rest of the bead off.

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On my trailer tires I used a hydraulic jack against a steel frame and jacked the bead off the rim. I guess I could have used that tool instead. Don’t remember if once the bead was broken in one place if the rest was easy but don’t think so.

Judging by the reviews, a number of people are not exactly enamored with it.

It’s for the initial busting of the bead, using a hammer to drive the hook end between the tire and the rim, then pushing down on the handle to break the bead

When I was a kid, pneumatic tire machines were not common and every truck 3/4 ton or heavier used split rims. A tool that looked like this was used to release the ring from the wheel.

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You’re probably right, but I can’t envision how that would work. I’ve never had any luck using a hammer to initially push a portion of a tire bead off of its seat. The tire’s rubber just bounces whatever I use to hit it back at me. I either use the jack approach that @Bing describes above, or an 8 inch C-clamp. Once a portion of the bead is pushed off I lay the tire on the ground and walk around on top of it to push the rest of the bead off.

Using it is a simple thing that takes all day to work it around the rim. It’s good if you want to lose weight.