What is on my windshield?

I recently bought a 2010 Nissan Sentra from a trusted dealer. After cleaning my windshield a few times while driving, I noticed that there is a film of something sticky in the area of the glass where the wipers don’t reach. I thought it was just Wisconsin road salt, but it doesn’t wash off. It is only in the areas where there has been windshield wiper fluid, i.e, windshield, top of the car, on the wiper blades, etc. There are streaks down the windshield where the fluid dripped. My dealer took a brief look at it today and said I should bring it back so they could take a picture to send to Nissan. It appears to me that there was something other than wiper fluid in the car when I bought it. This is becoming a vision problem at night due to the streaks. What is going on here???

Sounds like someone may have mistakenly poured antifreeze into the washer fluid reservoir, though it’s hard to imagine how that happened at the factory. If it is antifreeze and it gets on the paint, it may damage the paint, so look carefully for areas where it may have gotten on the paint.

Anti-freeze in the washer tank happens quite frequently…

Wipe it down with some mineral spirits or paint thinner.
Be careful to keep that solvent off of your paint.