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What is on my paint?

No. We bought the car as an early lease turn-in when it was 20 months old. There were some nasty scrapes on the plastic trim pieces on the lower edges of the car so we had the dealer repaint them. The paint matched perfectly but the guy clearly did not anticipate how far the clearcoat overspray would drift. It was on the windows, roof, everywhere.

From 2015? At any rate, they say that the clay bar will remove overspray but I don’t find it aggressive enough. Maybe if the commercial grade clay is used. At any rate, overspray is polished off with rubbing compound or polishing compound, not washing. As said before, it needs to be buffed with rubbing compound, then with polish, and then either just wax or glaze and wax. A detail shop would do that.

Clay bar and a lot of elbow grease got it off the windows. I tried 3M Hand Glaze polish on the paint but it that stuff is less aggressive than hand rubbing compound and did almost nothing. So long as the car looks good, I figure I am better off leaving it alone rather than risking further damage.

Again you need to understand the difference between products. A glaze is a filler to fill in tiny imperfections in the paint before waxing or some use it instead of a wax. Polishing compound, rubbing compound, swirl remover, etc. is abrasive for cleaning the paint and removing residue and scratches.