What is involved in starting a car club or online forum?

I would like to see the Cadillac Eldorado have a website and forum. Does anyone have experience with starting a forum/site? Thanks for your advice and time.

I’m very familiar with the technology involved.

First you’ll need someone to host the site for you. This will cost you. Depending on your level of support and usage…expect to pay at least $50/mo…if it gets really busy…expect to pay well over $500/mo.

Next you’ll need some forum software. Not sure of this cost. I just write my own. But expect to pay at least $1000 for it.

Now you’ll need someone to set it up and run it since it doesn’t seem like you have the necessary technical skills. Depending on the level of expertise you get this could be another $2000 just to set it up…Let’s assume that everything is fine and you don’t need any maintenance or backup.

With all that said…I’d be very surprised if there isn’t one already.

I just googled - chat groups Cadillac Eldorado - and there are many…see

There are free websites out there but getting found in the search engines is another story. You can start a site but have to be proactive to get your site noticed. The more specific the better.

Thank you so much for all the information. Yes, it is a task too big for me. I am thankful there are forums out there for those of us who own and enjoy these cars. Thanks again!