What is a Bombina?

We are having a problem with a 1992 Honda Accord in Guadalajara, Mexico. The mechanics say the Bombina needs to be replaced. The problem is that the car overheats in stop and go traffic or when idling most of the time. It is fine if you don’t slow down or idle. The Mexican mechanics say the bombina is a part within the engine that controls the temperature of the engine. It is a $5.00 part, but the engine has to be taken apart to replace the part. There is no translation for the Bombina in Spanish and we would love to know what the part is. A bombina in other languages, such as English, is a fiery toad. Help?

It sounds like they’re describing either a thermostat, a temp sensor for the fan, or a fan relay. You should ask. Although $5 for a sensor or a relay would be a real cheap price.

Can’t help you with “bombina,” but the part within the engine that controls the temperature is the thermostat, and it doesn’t cost much more than $5.00, not including labor.

It requires draining the cooling and disassembly of the thermostat housing, but certainly not the engine, to replace. It’s relatively simple, even in Mexico.

However, the symptoms you describe don’t necessarily indicate a faulty thermostat. Rather, they indicate a problem with the cooling fans, which should cycle on and off as required on to maintain the correct temperature in the radiator.

If the thermostat were causing the overheating, the engine would overheat regardless of vehicle speed. When the overheating only occurs at idle or in traffic it’s usually the fans.

There could be a problem with the coolant temperature sensor in the radiator, or the cooling fan relay, or the fan motors themselves.

Do the fans run if you turn the AC on?

That’s the fuel pump.

Did you know that bando el tiempo is a timing belt?


If Bombina means fuel pump the OP needs a new mechanic.

I think the OP needs a new mechanic anyway since a bombina is apparently a fire bellied toad:

If this indeed turns out to be a fuel pump, I would really like to know that mechanic’s source for $5.00 fuel pumps!

Actually, it almost surely is a thermostat, based on the scanty description. I don’t think that a new thermostat will cure the problem, but at least it won’t be an expensive repair that was made in error.

Just A WAG, But Maybe Bombina Translates Roughly To Muffler Bearing, Especially For Foreigners’ Cars.



Or bulb fluid.

I Wonder If A Bottle Of Tequila Costs Approximately 5 Bucks In Mexico ?



Yes, bombina is a small pump, but from the description, it looks like the cooling fan(s) may be the culprit. In any case, I think the mechanic should physically point out where the problem is, so you know.

Have him describe in pictures what exactly needs to be done, If he can’t get another mechanic.

The fans are running with the AC on, but may not be running all the time. The remedy that works when it has over heated is to pour water on the engine or wait 20 minutes and the car starts back up. When it over heats it does so to the point of stalling the motor. It doesn’t seem related to heat or cold air temperature. It seems related to stop and go traffic and long waits in traffic behind trucks or buses. Everyone has said the problem is the Bombina (3 mechanics now). They say it is an electrical part, because the guys that work on this specialize in the electrical systems in vehicles.
Thank you.

A bombina is a coil for the distributor
(verified from my Cuban friend)

I could buy that - but it still has nothing to do with the description of the problem the OP gave, nor the taking apart of the engine.

This is a great idea, a thread dedicated to odd sounding car components (too an English speaker). One that I remember from working in Switzerland, the parts guy always asked if I needed a new “VDD”(sounds odd in German) Ventil Deckel Dicthung, valve cover gasket, my first German words were all car words. Amazing how many German car words I knew, but did not realise it.

A ‘bomba de agua’ is a water pump.
A ‘bomba de gasolina’ is a fuel pump.
The word ‘bombina’ would therefore be a small pump.
But for only $5.00 is it really the water pump an overheating car might take ?

The last time I had a car that overheated in the way the OP described, the answer was: BAD HEAD GASKET & CRACKED HEAD!

We need to hear back from the OP. A $5.00 cooling part could only be a T-stat or a fan relay, but after having read the other posts and the symptoms I’d vote for the Bomba de aqua (water pump)…except for that part about it costiing $5. There is no $5 water pump that I’ve ever heard of. I’ve now learned a tiny bit of spanish though.

Next time it overheats raise the hood and see if the fan(s) is/are running.
If electrical parts are not available have the fan wired to the ignition power line (from the ignition switch) so the fan runs all the time the engine is on.

Casper, we have a problem with spelling here. A BOBINA is an ignition coil, also bobine in French. I’m not sure why the iginition coil would be located inside the engine.

OP needs to explain more background info.

Bomba is pump (also bomb), and bombina would be a small pump, although not used very often.