What/how should i do this? ( HELP)

One more time in English please. If you had done due diligence I doubt a new block would be needed.

when i first got the car it ran fine for two months the it started to overheat and it got to point where a loud knocking would sound when driving with foot on gas or at an idle and at times it sound like a diesel truck and one day i had to drive it somewhere bout 10 minutes from my house i got there and it had overheated so i let it cool down for about 15 minutes then i drove it home about maybe 2 minutes from my house a big pop was heard and steam flooded from the hood. ( had to push it home) and i couple weaks later me and me neighbor thought that a piston punched a hole in it but i dont think it was but there was a hole somewhere. the block wouldnt hold water. after some days i started it and it ran for about 10 min before heating. i didnt drive it and a lil while later my uncle took it and replaced the block and left all the old components except it had a new water pump and radiator . smooth sailing after that. a couple weeks later the whole trans lagging thing was pissing me off so i filled the trans up but now most of that i think has leaked out somehow. and when me and my gf’s dad were reading his car i wanted to read mine and thats when the errors codes popped up and that just about covers it

OK what part of it started to overheat and you started having problems do you not understand?
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First of all say thank you to your mom for a dang better present than anybody I ever knew got. I have to wonder if you are aware of how to maintain a vehicle, as I leap to the conclusion you expect to turn the key and it goes. I think you should keep your car you got and learn how to maintain and repair your most wonderful present or start walkin and quit complaining!

im not sure which part i was but id have to guess around the pistons and the part where the steam blew out

i think you’re confusing normal use items (gas, oil, filters, brakes, plugs.) with the mechanical and engine wear items. these items are more complex and difficult to decode than a simple obdll code, and unless you are going to get (and understand) further training it is unlikely anyone would be able to understand the training required to adequately interpret these problems.

although it is possible for someone to totally understand their car, it is a matter of ‘trial and error’ for the average “joe” to ‘get it.’

if you want to have a go at it, you will spend extra time and $$$ to learn the ‘ins and outs’ of your car. I am not saying it is impossible, just that it will take time. and this time will cost you $$$. again, this is just like you attending lincoln tech. that cost you $$$. $$$ is what you learn from. you may not see it now, but, the $$$ you spend on this car may equal its worth.

I have found that the experience that you learn equals the cost it takes you to learn. you may save the money from a repair, but that repair may cost you the whole cost of the repair if you had it done at a shop. i guess this all is depending on YOU to decide if you are going to take advantage of the experience of learning from this repair. not every one gets ‘it’

ya i get your point i pretty much kno only up top things and just learning whats on the inside so its going to take me a while. so what ill probably to is take it to my uncles service shop in the dealer and have the guys there see what they think hopefully they arent dumb