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What happens when a wheel bearing goes out?

What happens when the wheel bearing on a Chrysler 200…2015 goes out

The wheel can fall off, and if you’re lucky, nobody dies.

First you get a roaring sound. Sometimes it sounds like a propeller on an airplane. The pitch and volume will vary with speed. It can also change if you turn the steering wheel to the right or left, i.e during a lane change on the highway.

Next you may begin to notice a vibration at certain speeds and it comes and goes. Eventually when the bearing completely fails, the wheel will wobble really bad. If you can live with this, and you probably can’t, then the wheel could come off.

Edit: before stage three (wheel wobble), you will get an ABS light if you have ABS because the play in the bearing will destroy the wheel speed sensor. BTW, my truck went directly to stage three with only the ABS light coming on just before. No vibration or sounds.

Front or rear? FWD or AWD?