What happens if u installed a wrong o2 sensors?


Ok I bought some oxygen sensors ( o2 ) on amazon, because mine was going bad, so I installed them everything was normal. Then I realized that car start acting weird. *my gas gage keeps bouncing *i see my transmission light on and then my car went off .

What are the signs of a wrong o2 sensor on a BMW?

The signs of of bad O2 sensors are a check engine light and ODB2 codes that are set for O2 sensor errors.

How did you know they were going bad in the first place?

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My gas starts burning bad. It’s like burning waaaaay to fast. I ran the diagnostics and they said yeah it was…

If it’s not the o2 sensors … I’m wondering if it’s the aftermarket wheel sensors that I bought, causing my car to malfunctioning .

Wheel sensors will not cause your car to malfunction. You might see the symbol for low tire pressure.

@Mustangman asked a very good question, why did you replace the O2 sensors? I assume your gas mileage has dropped, but without more information that does not lead to a diagnosis of a bad O2 sensor. What was the car doing , what symptoms did you see, was the check engine light on? If it was was were the codes, post them here, they will look like P1234


Thanks bro appreciate… I will find them and send them