What happened to the Esso Tiger?

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Barbara Feldon knows, now can we end this discussion?

he got retired to the zoo… the end. LOL

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Who had the Tiger In Your Tank?
Did they not also have tiger tails to extend out of your gas door?

Who knows. When we would go east though, prolly about 1959, I’d make sure we stopped at whatever station that was the gave out the orange horse hoofs to paste on the rear window. Didn’t have those in Minnesota. Dad was a sport.

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Yes they did.

History of the Esso Tiger | Garage Art

I had broken my leg and was walking around on crutches for a while back then. A friend of my mother’s attached a Esso tiger tail to one of the crutches.

I wasn’t positive if it was Gulf stations, but I did a bit of googling and confirmed that it was.