What do I do if a lien holder won't sign the lien release after I pay the lien?

You could file for a duplicate title although that would not remove the lien.

What I flat don’t get is why someone would sell a running/driving '95 TA with the 5.7 for 200 bucks. A straight rolling chassis is worth way more than that even with the motor and transmission gone so now that the type of car is known I also wonder about the details behind this transaction.

This is friction in life you just don’t need. Life is too short, time is too precious. Your ex friend wants to sell it for more ? Great, it’s a great $200 lesson you just learned about this person. It has cost many much more then this to tell who is true to their word. Get your $200 back if you can and move on. If you can’t, move on. To do anything else on bogus principle or for 200 messily dollars or for a $200 car is not worth the time or another suggestion or putting yourself at risk.

What ever happened to hey dude, I gave you the check, give me the title please, sorry for your assumed loss, as this guy is not your friend and you may end up in small claims court anyway, seal the deal, get it done or give me the cash back.

@asecular, when I heard the make and model of the car to fit in with the less than scrap metal price it was sold for a drug transaction was the first thing that came to mind. I was trying to be polite and not blatantly go that route. It was an attempt to see if the OP would offer some details. Apparently not… :wink:

@Greeny417 not to burst your bubble, but are you 100% sure the title is already in your name?

Have you physically seen the title with your name on it?

Again, it’ll depend on your state laws and possibly the judge himself, as they can have discretion in civil cases. I honestly think small claims court is the answer here.

The car was sold to me so cheap because it didn’t run. It had been wrecked and then someone started to do the bodywork but never finished. When I got it, it needed a new fuel pump. The whole car was primer grey. They had saved the door handles, but never installed any equipment for the door poppers. 1st and reverse were going out in the transmission. The interior was pretty bad and there were several other things wrong with the car. It had been setting for about 2 years. As for calling it a $200 lesson… Not a chance. I’ve finished the bodywork, and fixed almost everything wrong with it at this point. I just put 4 brand new tires on it and also put it in the shop and paid almost $700 for a tune-up. About the only thing that is still needing work is the transmission. I have the registration papers, and just seen a copy of the title recently. My name is on the title as the owner. His is simply listed as a $200 lienholder. He sold it that cheap because he didn’t have the time or know how to fix it. Also, he had 4 other vehicles at the time, That’s why it was just sitting for about 2 years. I’m not withholding any details in order to sound like a victim. Though I can see how someone may think that without knowing all the details.

The seller is a sleezeball. You bought the car in the condition it was in at the time. It seems like he’d now like to get the value for the condition it’s in NOW.

That clears the 200 dollars issue up for me. The seller wants it back now after the time and money expended you’ve expended? Not a chance on Earth.

@Greeny417 Now that you’ve physically seen a copy of the title with YOUR name on it, you need to have the legal system beat this POS former friend into submission. Since you’ve paid the $200, this guy’s got no leg to stand on.

The OP stated that they paid the 200 dollars and have a money order receipt to prove it. That should be proof enough.

@asecular He did pay the $200 but afterwards with a money order. That’s why the lien was on it in the first place for the $200. When he paid the $200, the jerk refused to release the lien. Highly illegal. Now that betterments have been made, he wants the car back. Too bad how sad.

Same answer as before though. You can go to DMV and ask for a copy of the title for $10 or $15.
You should have that in your hands anyway regardless if it shows a lien. Then after asking DMV if they can clear the title with your proof of the money order, they’ll either take care of it for you and release the lien or advise you. May need an affidavit or may have to go to the small claims judge. Either way first stop DMV and court house after that. This guy is a jerk.

I am with Bing on this. Here is what I would add. You have a money order recipt. Before you go to the DMV. Contact the company the you got the money order from. Have them give you a copy of the cashed money order. Then take it with you to the DMW. I bet they will take the lein off.