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What contacts on J1962 if jumpered, flash DTC via check engine light

I recently acquired a Toyota Avalon 2001, my first non-American automobile. In past, I owned a Plymouth Reliant 1988, which reported trouble codes by flashing the check engine light, when the ignition key was cycled three times.

It was only necessary to count the flashes and lookup the numbers in a table (from the service manual).

I have been informed that momentarily jumpering the correct pins on the J1962 (OBD-II) jack in the Toyota Avalon 2001, will report the the ECM queue (list of trouble codes?) in similar fashion via flashing the check engine light.

Does anyone know the correct pins to jumper?


For $30-$40 you can buy a OBD-2 code reader…Most parts stores will read them for free…

You have not yet been informed. Rumored is more like it.

You will know when you have trouble codes because you will get a check engine light of some sort. Codes are listed in a Haynes or Chilton manual.

To my best knowledge, Toyota doesn’t have a provision to jumper pins to flash the codes on the check engine light. Your best bet is to purchase a code reader or find out where you can get them read for free near you.