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What causes a "low pitched" noise when braking?

Brakes, rotors and caliper checked out fine at the mechanic. Car otherwise brakes fine, just the noise is annoying.

I have a 2000 Camry v6

Final cut finish on rotor is not compatible with pad material,this is not guaranteed to be the source of the noise,just something to get you thinking.

Sometimes some expirementation with the use of anti squeak shims or pad backing dressing results in a perfect combination.

What type/grade of pad are you using?

Your post does not say the (brakes) rotors and calipers were serviced or replaced, only ‘checked out’.
The noise is still there?

Front or rear brakes? (I don’t know if a 2000 Camry has rear discs?

Is the noise dependent on wheel rotation speed when braking and/or turning at the same time?

Is the noise an outside metal to metal sound or does it sound like the noise is semi-contained?