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What can I do if I found out my new car isn't new

I bought a new car on march 2011. Unforfunaterly, my car was slightly scratched when someone back up the car. However, i found out that my new car had been previously refinished(painted) on the right quarter panel and right rear door.? The right rear door belt molding was previously removed and reinstalled and the dented during the process.? Also, the roof rack end caps had been removed and re-glued to the vehicle.

What can i do? And What rights do I have?

It doesn’t mean the car isn’t new. If it was damaged during transport and repaired, it is still new.

As long as it was fixed properly, I wouldn’t worry about it.

That’s what you get for buying a toyota.

No, really.

My 2008 tacoma has the vibration driveshaft problem to which is no cure, unless you put 200+ lbs of stuff in the bed over the tires.

New means it has never been titled before. If someone had owned the car before you, there would be a title with their name on it. As Whitey said, it could have been damaged during shipment, on the car lot, or during a test drive. How many miles were on the Highlander when you bought it? Some (most? all?) states have a maximum mileage for a car to be called new.

Yeh, I had a Toyota PU and was told there was no cure for the same. The cure they didn’t want to acknowledge was a universal joint replacement.

Is there any damage to leaving it the way it is? I’ve read on several forums that sometimes changing the parts makes the vibration worse. I will never buy a toyota again.

It still may be new…HOWEVER…in most states if the vehicle was ever repaired before you bought it they MUST disclose it to you BEFORE you buy it. Check with your states Attorney General to see what your rights are.