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What AWD Mini Van's can be lifted 4"-5"

I’ve seen AWD Astro and Safari lifted. Can you lift a 1999 Caravan AWD 4"-5"? Anyone got any suggestions? Need for drive on sand and back roads of Kaua’i.

Sounds like you need a Jeep or perhaps a quigley if you absolutely need a van

I wouldn’t do it. Astro/Safari are truck based framed vehicles, Caravans are car based. A slight increase “may” be successfully achieved with larger diameter tires that still fit. But that’s as far as I’d go. You want to mess with ground clearance, get a truck. Wider tires may achieve enough added flotation to help as well. Besides, independently sprung cars “loose” their ground clearance with loads and on rough roads. Solid axle trucks retain theirs. I also wouldn’t trust the delicate underpinnings of a car to ANY off road situation. They are for poor traction road conditions only for safe use.

While I am sure it can be done, I don’t think it should be done. There is probably someone out there who makes some kind of universal lift kit, but once you make all the necessary modifications, it will probably end up costing more than just getting an appropriate vehicle for back road use.

The Aerostars are also truck based, so if it’s possible on an Astrovan, it’s also probably possible on one of those.

But why bother? A real 4x4 SUV will probably get about the same mileage and handle better both on and off road. Heck, things like the newer Explorer practically ARE just 4x4 minivans.

Mahalo, got a jeep and a nice 4x4 truck. Just looking for a fun camping vehicle.

Probably end up with something similar. Have an old 4runner that I might convert to a camping “van”.

Mahalo for the response. I appreciate the advice.

Figured it was something like that, mahalo for the response.