What are the symptoms of a clutch going out?


Last couple of trips in my little commuter ('95 Ford Aspire) Ive noticed something weird. I think the engine has had episodes of disenguageing the tranny while driving under moderate load. Just for a second or two, 5th gear on the highway. I think I may have hastend the death of my clutch. I’ve been shutting down the engine on hills and popping the car back into gear when I start to slow down. This has been my gas saving technique… last fill up- 49 mpg!


It sure sounds like a slipping clutch!

With the mileage you’re getting, it’s worth fixing. And with gas prices going where they are, that car might increase in value?



Definitley. I bought it last summer for $950! Runs great. I was getting 41 mpg until I started shutting down on hills now 49! Although, if I killed my clutch I didn’t save anything! How much is a new clutch to have installed?


I agree that it sounds like a worn clutch. Your gas saving technique may hasten the final demise of the clutch. And it adds wear to the starter. Besides which, when you shut down the engine you lose your power steering assist and your brake booster. Shutting down your power steering assist and your brake booster going down hills may not be such a cool idea.