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Well Gentlemen, What do you think?

I bought a bike to learn on, restore, and sell.

Ive done all that, except the sell part, what do you guys think i should sell it for? Btw, heres some resto pics…

still not much, but a helluva lot nicer…




I would say sell it for cash, as is, no warranty.

ya, im trying to get $950 out of it
idk if thats going to happen.
its a '94 Rm125, boysen reeds, 5 hours riding time on a wiseco piston and ring, fmf gold series fatty on an fmf powercore silencer, twinair air filter, im sure theres alot more

Nice Looking Restore, TJ! I’ve Been Out Of Dirt Bikes For A Long Time (Last One A 74 Ossa 250), But $950 Sounds Very Reasonable, To Me!
What exactly did you have to put into it while restoring it?
I wish I could hop on and take it for a ride!

Okay dude, big props.

Nice endo, too, good luck with the sale.

thanks guys!
notice the shop around it got a massive overhaul too, lol.
ill list the stuff later, theres alot lol

Great job, Scotty! You know that for your final display photograph you should have two pics…a bikini clad, curvaceous lass, and a similarly
clad hunk of a lad. You want to appeal to both genders, you know.

lol, thanks

alright, lets see.
first off, i replaced the clutch basket and plates, then all the levers and cables, used gasket remover and a scotch-brite pad (a very strong acid) to get all the crap off of my plastics, took the motor out, checked it out, put in some boysen reeds, twinair air filter, fmf gold series fatty and an fmf powercore silencer. then threw in a wiseco piston and ring (huge difference). new rear tire to get all that new power to the ground, now all i need is a new gripper seat cover because when i do wheelies on the seat my foot slips off the leather, and rear fender for appearance purposes, then hopefully someone will buy it, then i will buy a blaster, restore that, then sell it, and buy an rm250

You should do some research. Check eBay to see what like items are selling for. You could also check Craig’s List.

Personally, at that price I would keep it for a commuter. That thing must get at least 60 miles per gallon.

well the only thing is, its a two stroke, so the gas mileage still isnt that great and it would never meet emission standards.
good idea though

alright guys, the rm is sold, new project, a banshee!
needs an entire top end with the exception of the right cylinder, but im going to split the cases first because someone seized the thing and i have no idea where the pieces went.
anyways, heres what ive gotten down to so far, ive worked on it for about 2 hours now.

really should clean up my table before i go any farther

who wants to see the inside of my banshee engine? just bought alot of new parts, 2 .90 over cylinders, a head, and a welded crank
alright, in case anybody wants to see inside of a banshee engine…

wow, so far ive gotten NO farther. im waiting for parts, but when they come in the motor will be ready to install and i will only be short carbs, pipes, and a couple little things like footpegs and cables and air filters.

TJ-Good going so far, reminds me of when I had to rebuild my X6 Suzuki after a ‘friend’ blew a piston. Split the cases to make sure everything else was OK.

thanks, im pretty much doing the exact same thing, here are a couple parts…

heres what we have so far. ive been real busy with school and everything…

its almost done guys.