Weird looking oil plug piece got stuck inside of the oil pan is it okay to just leave it?

I changed the oil on my kia rio for the first time and noticed that instead of a bolt there was a weird looking oil plug it looked like this one: GdFKn0q

As you can see there’s a weird thing up there that keeps it from coming out and I didn’t know this and I ended up twisting it off (i was planning on replacing it with a normal bolt drain plug) so much that it came unattached from it. I used a magnet and can slightly get it out but then gripping it with pliers it just will not fit through the hole. I tried twisting it and pulling and it will not come out. I really don’t want to take off the oil pan I’m guessing it was put there in the first place because it’s stripped out anyways.

At this point I’m thinking about just leaving it in and putting the weird looking oil plug back on as I don’t see any other options, that being said I haven’t tried the bolt yet I’m just assuming it’s stripped but I will try that first. What I really need to know is if it’s okay to just leave that little metal piece in there or could that be disastrous?

Here’s a picture of the oil pan hole with the thing sticking out:

With pliers it will come out about another 1/4th of an inch but then seems to get stuck.

I would not leave it, I think if you grab it by the end with hemostats it should fit through the hole, then buy a new assembly and remember not to unscrew it all the way.

Those plugs are installed when the drain plug hole threads get stripped out.


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If the toggle is magnetic as you say, could you get it into position with two strong magnets and gently thread the bolt through again?

I’ve already tried with pliers without any luck but I’ll try again. If I can’t get it out would it be okay to leave it? What’s the risk there?

I suppose I could give that a shot but I don’t think I’ll have the skill to pull it off.

Alright new CRAZY idea just a thought what if I welded a tiny magnet to the end of the drain plug bolt and obviously use that as the drain plug and the piece of metal would just be stuck to it always. Thoughts?

I have about a 10" long set of forceps that I use many times to reach things and grab on. Paid a couple bucks for it but great for grabbing stuff, clamping fuel lines, getting stuff out of the garbage disposal, and so on. Yeah but likely they stripped the bolt hole somewhere along the line so you may end up having to use something similar.

Or install a magnetic drain plug?


My guess (I’ve never seen a real one of those): That “weird thing up there” is like a molly bolt. For installing the plug, it tips to be alongside the threaded stem. Maybe it’s spring loaded like a molly bolt. When it’s pushed thru the drain pan hole, it tips back the the position in the picture, letting you tighten the stem until the rubber plug seals. (You all knew that.)

Can you move it so that the threaded shaft is sticking out? If yes, then maybe two options

  1. Hold the stem, pointing out of the hole with long-nose pliers or a hemostat or whatever. While holding, reach into the hole with a skinny probe (even a piece of stiff wire, like common #14 house wiring) and tip the locking thing alongside the stem so you can pull the assembly out. (Secondary guess/query: Is that how the device is removed if it’s not broken off?)

  2. Pull down/out on the stem while unscrewing i. (Pulling down/out holds the locking thing against the pan so it can unscrew. Putting a stiff probe into the hole to keep the locking thing from turning might work. too.) Maybe you can get it to unscrew completely off the stem (maybe on the broken end; normal free end looks like it has a bump to keep the locking bar from screwing off).

What kind of monster installs something like this and why do i think i can picture him in my mind?

Lord have Mercy

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I have an update and it’s that the tiny magnet I stuck to the end of a screwdriver is now also stuck inside the oil pan and I can’t get it out either. My day is ruined and my disappointment is immeasurable.

Unless the pan was removed to install this thing, it had to fit through the drain hole. It was likely a tight enough fit that it had to be turned and screwed in. Reverse to remove. Grab it with needle nose pliers, pull and turn counterclockwise.

Once you get that out, turn your attention to the magnet. Can you fit your pinkie into the drain hole?

You may be able to move the magnet to the drain hole by using a big magnet on the pan. If you have any old hard drives they have some downright powerful magnets in them. It may work for both pieces.

A very good mechanic working for me noticed that same piece of hardware with the threaded shaft still in it hanging in the drain hole of an engine and wanted me to OK finishing the work and adding oil. I called the customer who told me that piece had been in there for years and never caused a problem. When I got back into the shop the car was being filled and the mechanic kicked the piece across the floor. While waiting for my to call the customer he got lucky and pulled it out with a needle nose pliers. I gave the piece to the owner who spoke to the mechanic before leaving. At the time I thought that a gratuity might have passed hands but I never asked.

I have said that anything that is put together can come apart, just have to figure out how. Ya got it to the point where you could see it in the hole once, so you grab it with something and pull it out. I don’t know about the magnet now. Don’t put anything else in there.

How hard can it be to remove the oil pan on a Kia Rio? Is there anything in the way?


I was thinking the same thing. If the threads in the oil pan are stripped out, the best solution would be “replace the oil pan”. Especially if you can get an aftermarket pan and gasket for a reasonable price.

Or leave the oil pan in place and install a Time-sert?


The only reason I can think of for this not to come out.

Is the screw broke and part of it is still attached

if you can get the correct end of the screw (flattened end) to the hole, you should be able to pull it out by that.