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Website for selling price discounts for used cars

Hey guys, whats the website for seeing the discount of the value of a car versus the actual price? i have lost the site
and its not coming up in results?

Used Cars Are Like Snowflakes, No Two Are Alike. Used Cars Have No Constant Fixed Value. Discount? What?

You’d Be Better Off Here Explaining What You’re Trying To Accomplish. Our experts are standing by…


kelly blue book is one option

What? You mean there is no fixed discount for used cars? You guys are kidding right?

Car gurus is also a good site. They have what they think is the going price for the vehicle, and they show whether the price asked for is above or below, plus reviews of the dealers. Although like a lot of reviews I think mostly people who have bad experiences tend to write about it. gives the price people paid in your area for a new car with the options you want. You can compare that to the sticker price and negotiate from there. They also give the value of used cars offered for sale by dealers or the trade-in value of that used car. Pretty much the same for all the other sites offered here.

The price you actually pay depends on you and the dealer.