Weaknesses of the 2001 Jeep Cherokee


And as with all stories the actual facts are a mystery . And as VDC this is not a Jeep specific problem.


Certain facts are unknown, yes. Facts we do know are brakes stopped working, someones grandfather was driving, he slammed into something and Jeep paid out. Probably not a jeep specific problem, but seeing how they paid out, maybe they felt liable. This can happen with any manufacturer.


… or poor maintenance on the part of Grampy?
There are far too many unknowns (the model year and model of the Jeep, how old it was when that incident took place, how well Grampy maintained it) to draw any hard and fast conclusions. The only thing that is definite is that brake failure is rare, and is not something specific to Jeeps.


I would strongly suspect that the reasons the brakes failed is because they never went through a regular inspection.

Much like the lady here who drove a Chevy Lumina 8 blocks with the left front wheel locked up; and yes, 8 blocks of skid marks and a blown tire as she pulled into the shop’s parking lot.
The brakes were so worn out that the caliper piston dug into the cooling vanes in the center of the rotor.

According to her; :“Why no, the brakes have not been making any noise at all and stopping was fine…”.

The shop actually had her brake rotor and caliper hanging as a display for many years; or at least what was left of them. There was no inner rotor surface. Just a bunch of mangled vanes.


This is likely similar to the many folks who have posted repair problems in this forum, and who stated that their vehicle had been “well maintained”. Then, when we press that person for details, it turns out that the car had been given occasional oil changes, but no other maintenance whatsoever.

Unless @1986wkim2_149794 can post a verified, detailed maintenance regimen for “Grampy’s” Jeep,
I have to conclude that Grampy didn’t properly maintain that mystery Jeep if it suffered total brake failure.


I bet maintaining brakes falls into the same category as maintaining transmissions - having some mythical superstitions attached.

We regularly see discussions here that even replacing brake fluid per manufacturer spec seems to some people “way too early, I would do it at 2x / 3x / … the recommended interval… maybe” and not changing it ever.

Yet this is one of the most important systems in the car.

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1-its 18 years old
2-its a Jeep &
3-its 18 years old


Go sit in the back seat. THAT is the biggest weakness. The top of the back seat comes only half way up your spine. You kiss your knees because there isn’t enough room between the floor and the roof. I bought a used 1999 4Runner and it’s leagues ahead of the Cherokee in both function and reliability.