Wave tire wear

I have both rear tires on a 2008 Skoda Fabia stationwagon showing a unusual tire wear. The wear extends across the width of the tire, but rather then being straight across from one side to the other (-), its angled, like a diagonal wave (/). The vehicle is a front wheel drive, but unfortunately i do not have a photo of this tire wear. Any ideas?

You have suspension component wear coupled with (and probably the cause of) an out of alignment condition. The tire is not only bouncing, like worn out struts/shocks cause (bad components can cause bouncing too), but it’s also “scrubbing”, a condition brought on by the wheel’s not being in line with its track.

You need a good thorough look-see by a good chassis shop.

Good advice–as usual–from mountainbike.

I will add that, if this particular vehicle (which is not sold in the US, so we are not familiar with it) has independent rear suspension, then the alignment of all 4 wheels should be checked and corrected at the same time as the suspension components are checked for excessive wear. In addition to badly-worn struts/shocks, it is very possible that the toe and/or camber of the rear wheels is “off”–if this car has IRS.

On the other hand, if this car has a solid rear axle, then bad shocks/struts are the likely cause, although collision damage to the rear suspension is also a possibility.

Has the alignment been checked?
Sounds like camber or toe are out of spec.

And don’t forget that not rotating tires can also lead to this condition.

Thanks for the feedback - its basically a VW owned company with the majority of the parts wearing the VW symbol - independent rear suspension and never in any accident. Car is going in next week to the dealership for services - will let them know to do a 4 pt allignment and such. Hope that finds the problem…