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Water in pan, water in cylinder and a tiny bit of oil in the intake manifold


Bought a car last weekend. Blown out radiator. Driver said she drove about a mile after seeing the cloud of steam behind her. Plastic end of radiator has a 4 inch split-had to dump coolant fast. I have removed the head, hoping for a gasket failure, I will take the head to the machine shop in town to see if it is possibly still strait. When I took the head off, two of the cylinders had lots of water in them. The car was started at a real mechanics shop before I got it. they changed the oil and removed lots of coolant from the pan.

1. What happened to cause the catastrophic failure of the radiator?

2. Could a head gasket/overheat do all this?

3. Is there a prayer that I can use this engine?

“Driver drove about a mile” with a blown rad…Result?: engine overheat which causes problems, all bad.

The car was started at a ‘real mechanics shop’ before I got it.
After they changed the oil and removed lots of water(coolant?) from the pan…not a good sign.

Did you pay for this vehicle Before or After you found out about all this?

To answer the three questions you pose:

1: plastic rad failure? Possible material fatigue, previous damage or weak spot due to overheating(previously).

2: A blown head gasket OR a blown intake manifold gasket would cause serious problems.

3: Before attempting to use this engine it will be necessary to tear it down completely to ensure the crankshaft, bearings, journals, etc. are not damaged due to lack of proper lubricant.

The heads will have to be inspected and repaired as necessary. (Possibly warped)

Long story , short: I would replace this engine with a new or rebuilt one (Make certain a written warranty comes with it!)

My feeling is: using this engine will cause you a world of hurt.

Please tell us why you bought this car with a 'blown out radiator."

Did you think that didn’t matter?

"Driver said . . . "

And you believed it . . . ?