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Water in oil

I have a 2000 F250 with 300000 miles, water pump recently replaced, then water in oil started. checked oil cooler on side of engine and replaced gaskets. Old gaskets were brittle but not damaged and did appear to be leaking. Any suggestions?

Well I have a 2004 F250 Diesel and I just had the same problem only I was traveling out of state. $8000 later - had to replace the head gasket, the turbo, the oil cooler. the truck started overheating when it idled and I was traveling from Missouri to Calif pulling a large horse trailer. I had the engine pressure tested and it tested good but when pulling the trailer continued to heat when idleing until I started adding 50/50 anti freeze which got me to Calif and back to Amarillo Texas where I lost big time power and if I continued would have blown the engine. Good Luck

Head gasket would be my bet. Don’t drive it. Get it towed to the nearest mechanic if you are not going to fix it yourself.

I am wondering if the water pump passages go through the timing cover, a leaky timing cover gasket will cause this ( coolant into oil ). Sometimes the water pump bolts go through the timing cover near the water passages. Thought of this as you said this all happened after replacing the pump.

The OP never mentioned what engine was installed in the truck…I guess the oil cooler means Diesel…13 years old, 300K miles, you don’t want to put too much money in it…