Water in my oil?

i have a 69 vw air cooled. my oil is turning white somone said it was water.

so how do i get rid of the water???

Kind of a “stumper” water in the oil on a air cooled engine, how did it get there? Hmmmm.

You come up with a idea how it got there I will tell you how to get rid of it. This is a group exercise. You know the old story about giving a man a fish or teaching him to fish? thats what I am working with.

How long do you drive it when you take it out? Short trips of long?

I am assuming that you are seeing the white (water) either in the oil fill pipe or valve covers. The water you are seeing is condensation of the water in blowby gasses. Usually it will be seen in the high end of the fill pipe where it is colder than the crankcase.

Do a compression test and/or leak down test of the rings, pistons, and cylinders to see if the blowby is excessive. If the cylinders are okey, make sure that the PCV system is working. Then make sure that the cooling system has the baffles and thermostat to allow the engine to warm up quickly. A lot of time some of these parts are eliminated at a rebuild as VW engines usually run too hot in warm climates. If the problem still remains, check with after market parts supplier for a oil fill pipe that has a draft tube type of drain. There will be a rubber tube to the air cleaner and a steel pipe with a valve at the end going down below the crankcase to the rear of the engine.

Get back to us when you find out the solution for this problem.