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Water in gas?

So I took the car in when it was dying after it started up and dying when i shifted into first- the engine was hot, and they couldn’t find anything wrong with it and it wouldn’t stall out for them. Fuel line pressure was fine and no codes came up. they changed the oil and filter, and put some sea foam in the tank.

Should I take it to a dealer? 97 saturn wagon-manual shift 104,ooomiles

No need to take it to a dealer, just find a competent mechanic. The guys that changed your oil were simply getting what they could out of you, playing on your lack of vehicular knowledge. An oil change will practically never make a vehicle run better. A possible cause of your problems is a dirty idle air control valve, but it could be a number of other things as well, probably not water in your gas. As I said, find a competent mechanic and have it diagnosed properly.

“Water in the gas” is the fall-back diagnosis of a mechanic who has no clue as to what is really going on. Yes, water can get into the gas supply. However, it is far less frequent than bad mechanics would have you believe.

As was said, what you need is a new mechanic, and given the age of the vehicle, I don’t see the sense of taking it to a dealership.

thanks. any recommendations in the Asheville, NC area? the folks I go to are highly recommended by the locals. He did say if i get stuck somewhere he will come and get me.

Try Cartalk’s mechanic locator at:

Thats nice that he volunteered to come and get you, but another oil change and more sea foam isn’t going to help you.

of everyone on the car talk list- he has the best review.
I’ll keep you posted.
thanks again for your help