Water comes in car

Nissan Altima 2013 Water gushed in on the drivers side by where the pedals are when I drove through a semi flooded area and every time I drive through a big puddle of water. Is there something missing on the exterior? I bought this car used a few months ago and first time it rains since i bought it so im just finding out.

There are rubber grommets/boots on the firewall that allow things like wiring/the throttle cable to pass thru the firewall.


There’s also a rubber boot at the base of the steering column.

If one of these grommets or boot is damaged or missing it can allow water to get into the passenger compartment when driving thru puddles.



you dont say what year your car is. if its a older one it could also be a hole in the floor board

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Sorry its a 2013

Inspect the boot for the steering column, these are sometimes knocked loose when replacing a rack and pinion.


You are a life saver thats exactly what it was. Thank you!!

After looking at your image, push the round thing down on the shaft so it fits it the hole.

And then squeeze the plastic retainer that’s around the hole.

The cover assembly came out of the cover assembly hole.