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Warranty on used car


I am planning to buy a used car and 1 have narrowed it down to 2 cars (Nissan Altima and Honda Accord) from private seller(s). Both have run ~21k miles and it has 3/36k warranty. If I buy any of the cars

1. Does the warranty automatically transfer to me? or Do I have to do something else?

2. Do I need extended warranty?

Not falling in this category of topic and not important but still would like to ask your opinion :slight_smile: which car is better? I like the interior/dashboard/look of the Nissan. Honda has pretty much remained the same over the yrs and I drive a Civic.


  1. What are the “in service” dates? Have the dealership give you a pre-purchase inspection and ask them about warranty transfer.
  2. No.
  3. What’s your definition of “better”?


Do I need extended warranty

Only if you like paying two or three times what something is worth.

Extended warranties are really insurance polices. Whoever sells them gets a big commission and the insurance company makes lots of money on the deal. In the end the owner, on average gets less than 50% back on every dollar they pay.

New car warranties are transferrable. How it works is something to check with the service desk at the respective dealerships. You need to be able to document the car has been properly maintained by the previous owner. The dealer can put the VIN number in their ocmputer to see what their records show. The seller should provide you with service receipts for all the past service. If they can’t turn over the records you could have a problem with some claims, ie a motor that burns oil or has bad bearings etc.

Otherwise, the cars are both pretty good. The Honda might have a better track record in longevity without major service. Auto transmissions on the Accord have shown they need proper maintenance and fluid changes to last a long time. At 21K miles you should do your first auto fluid change at 30K miles and every 30K after that. Even if Honda gives a longer interval, go with 30K on that transmission.

Thanks for your replies