Warranty for replaced catalytic converter (Suzuki Esteem 2002)?

I have a 2002 Suzuki Esteem (I bought it new in 2002). The check engine light just came on and the dealership told me that I had to have it and the O2 sensor replaced. OK, so I did that (ouch!), but forgot to ask about the warranty information. The original catalytic convertor had a 6 year/80000 mile warranty (which I just missed), so I called the dealership back asking about the warranty for the new part and was told that the standard policy for this new part is 12 months/12000 miles and they wouldn’t budge even after I pointed out the original warranty. Is this standard? I don’t understand - it is a new part, and since they had to order it, I am assuming that it is a Suzuki part, especially coming from the Suzuki dealership.

Thank you for any light on this problem.

Speaking from my Ford dealer experience only, replacemant parts always have they’re own warranty - disregard the new car warrany completely. Ford parts have the 12/12 warranty you speak of, so I would believe the Suzuki people when they tell you what the parts warranty is, it sounds industry normal on my end.

All catalytic converters are covered for 8 years/80,000 miles which is mandated by the EPA. Go back to the dealer and demand that they refund the money for the new catalytic converter. And if they won’t, tell them you’re going to file a complaint to the EPA about this matter.


Sounds like a shady deal on the part of the dealer. You bought it in 02, this is 08, and they just happened to come up with this bogus 6 year number.
If you pay for the converter you will pay full markup; if it’s warrantable then the markup will be around 25% at most. See why they want you to pay for it?

Tester is exactly right of course and they’re walking on very thin ice here.

Assuming you are in the US this is covered under a mandated warranty. It should have been free. Go back and follow Tester’s advice. Also remember this is just one indication of how dealers work. For non-warranty repairs it is good to totally avoid the dealer.

Folks–Go back and read the original post again!

Admittedly, it is not written very clearly, but the OP did state that the 6 yr./80k warranty on the original catalytic converter had expired, so clearly he was on the hook for the cost of replacing it. The OP is asking about the warranty on the new part, and I believe that the dealer is correct. The replacement converter, like all other replacement parts, likely has only a 12 month/12k warranty.

Here are the EPA mandated warranties for computers, catalytic converters, and other emission related components.


Except in California and the handful of other states that require CA emissions equipment. The warranty on the cat is then 7years/70K miles, but there are additional items warranteed to offset this. (Don’t have a warranty booklet handy at the moment, so I can’t be more specific).

I believe that this information applies to those components on a new car. I don’t believe that it applies to replacement parts.

The warranties are only for the NEW PART THAT CAME WITH THE VEHICLE…NOT…a part that was replaced. The OP already stated that he was beyond the 80k warranty…He was inquiring about the NEW catalytic converter they put in. The NEW catalytic converter is NOT covered by the 80k mile warranty.

Yes, I think those of us alluding to 7 or 8 year warranties are referring only to the original parts. I know I was. You’re quite right, it doesn’t apply to replacement parts.

The OP never stated the car was beyond 80K miles, just that it was beyond the supposed 6 year/ 80K mile warranty. Maybe the “6” was a typo, though.

Yes I believe that should be 8 year 80K, but the OP wrote “6 year/80000 mile warranty” and if it is 8 year, he may well still be under warranty.

Yes I believe that should be 8 year 80K, but the OP wrote “6 year/80000 mile warranty” and if it is 8 year, he may well still be under warranty.

I think he wrote 6 years because his car is only 6yrs old.