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Warranty and Lease Buyout

Does anyone know if the dealer can automatically transfer the warranty from the lease to the “buyout” vehicle? We didn’t sign anything but were told by “finance” that the warranty automatically transfers over without any signature or consent or request from the buyer. Is this possible or legal?

If it were the manufacturer’s original warranty, that would sound about right to me. If it were an extended or 3rd party warranty, I still wouldn’t see why that would be a problem, but you’d probably want to read the fine print to make sure.

BTW, I’m not even so sure you can get an extended or 3rd party warranty on a vehicle you’re leasing, but I wouldn’t be surprised - especially with some of these SUPER shady 3rd party companies running around.

I agree with CCarr. The only one I’ve heard of is the Hyundai 100,000 warranty is only for the original owner. What I heard anyway and worth what you paid for it.