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Warped Brakes

I have a 2000 Acura 3.2tl. I have owned it for 3 years and have had to replace several rotors because of warpage. I was told by one mechanic that I am a bad braker, of which I am NOT. I know there’s a lot of heat created, but can you tell me why they are constantly warping? Is this a defect in my car? Is this because of cheap products? Is it mechanics that don’t know what they are doing? My car is ready for new rotors AGAIN! They have warped…

Are they assuming the rotors are warped because of a brake shudder rather than actually inspecting them with a dial indicator? Doing this is not rare at all. Why spend 5 minutes verifying something when a guess, right or wrong, will suffice.

Brake shudder can also be caused by a loose suspension component or wheel bearing and newly machined or new rotors may cover this up at first. Once the machined or new rotors develops a few thousandths of so-called normal warpage the symptom may appear again.

Riding the brakes can certainly lead to them warping. Do you drive on any big hills where you brake a lot on the way down? If so, you need to downshift instead of braking.

Are you using OEM replacement rotors or cheap ones? Do you replace the rotors are each brake job, or do you have them turned? (You should replace them instead of turning them.)

How many times have they warped and after how many miles each time?

If your mechanic can verify that there is no other mechanical problem causing your brakes to drag, such as sticking caliper slides, dragging caliper, or constricted/restricted brake hoses, you may need to try different brake rotors. Brembo rotors are probably readily available for your car. They will cost two to three times what you are used to paying for brake rotors, but may be less prone to warping. Also, did your mechanic just tell you that you may be a bad braker or did he/she ride with you and tell you that you are a bad braker? If it’s the latter, it may be true.

Who rotates your tires? Some places greatly overtorque the wheels, which can lead to warped rotors.

The problem is the mechanics don’t WANT to spend time to figure out whats wrong. I really think something else is causing this problem. I am going to be taking it to another guy to see what he says. I will take your thoughts of the cause to him and have him check it out. thanks!

Someone just told me about that and that’s definately a possibility. I usually take it to a local tire dealer.

My ex-mechanic told me I’m a bad braker without riding with me. He said his wife drives that way and he is always replacing her rotors! We women aren’t all bad drivers! If anything I am a slow to stop braker, slowing down early. And maybe that’s bad too, but that’s how I’ve always driven and this is the first car ever that I have had warped rotors with…making me believe there is something mechanically wrong with the car itself! I’m writing all these ideas down to give my new mechanic! Thank you.