Warped brake rotors on my truck

I had the brake rotors turned on my truck by Brake Masters a year ago to get rid of the chattering…Now one or more of the rotors has started to warp again. The truck has a 4.7 V8 engine and a factory towing package but I never have towed with it or carried a load in it. It costs $ 265 to turn the rotors so I am considering replacing them with new high quality rotors. The truck has only 85K miles on it and sits in the garage 90% of the time. I love the vehicle and would like to keep it. Will new rotors end this problem or should I have them smoothed again?

Forget about turning your rotors in the future. Just buy new ones. I stopped turning my own rotors almost 2 decades ago.


Why so much to turn rotors on a half-ton truck?? Are they sending them to Portugal for machine work?

I’d bet your rotors are not warped but a victim of the dreaded “lot rot.” When vehicles sit, the rotors corrode under the brake pads as it sits. Notice that you can see pad-shaped rusty spots on the rotors after the truck sits for a bit. The brake pads have steel wool or other abrasive bits in the pad that clean that corrosion off. Problem is, the area where the pad corrodes is now harder than the surrounding rotor so it doesn’t clean evenly and you get pulsation that feels like a warped rotor. If you machine them flat, it just comes back.

Sometimes brake rotors will warp because of the base iron they are made from “seasons” from the heat cycles and moves around a bit. Especially cheap rotors. If the rotors actually did warp from this, you can machine them but the warp will come back.

Either way, replacing the rotors is the right move. But don’t be surprised if corrosion causes it to come back again. Using high quality brake pads helps a bit I’ve lived with this problem for decades and I haven’t found a reliable solution.

$265 to machine the rotors???
Get a set of quality rotors. I drive my Ram 1500very little these days. I put on a set of PowerStop rotors and brake pads all around (all 4 wheels). The set cost me under $350, and the rotors don’t rust when the truck has been sitting for a week or more.

I sure hope by “quality rotors” you do NOT mean storebrand

I would go with factory, wagner, bendix or maybe even centric

No, I passed on store brand rotors, as noted.

The way you worded it, it wasn’t crystal clear

Some people consider the higher end store brand rotors to be high quality

That’s why I made my comments

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No way to tell if new rotors will solve the problem from here, but if a rotor run-out problem is the diagnosis and the shop is certain it is the rotor and not something else that’s causing it, suggest to replace the rotors w/new rather than resurface. As to why your rotors are warping, no clue. But one idea, just today I was following a big shiny new-looking Dodge pickup truck for about one half mile at 40 mph. During that one half mile segment I braked one time, while the pickup truck braked over ten times. Pay some att’n to how often you brake compared to other cars around you.

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