Warm start flooding



My VW Jetta V6 (1994) starts fine in all conditions but won’t restart warm. I smell fuel. Have to wait 15 mins for it to start. Happened last May (replaced sensors)and started again this June.

Tried carbon-cleaning additive to gas tank.


You don’t mention what sensors you replaced. Sounds like an ECU problem or an ignition control module; also could be a bad injector not shutting down when you switch off ignition. Also, does your ‘check engine’ light illuminate? It should.


What is ECU? Do you recommend on warm re-starts I give it some gas?
A year ago replaced REference Sensor and Impulse Sensor, and others (engine speed sensor, 02 sensor, cam sensor) checked; replace fuel pump and Oxygen sensor.
Thanks for more ideas; am going to new mechanic in the morning and would like some ideas of areas to look at.


Forgot to answer: no, the check engine light does not go on.