Want to replace brake fluid but three bleeder screws are stuck

And the turkey baster fluid change is a waste of time.

The brake hydraulic system isn’t a circulating system. It’s a hydraulic displacing system.

So whatever fresh fluid that’s put into the master cylinder is going to stay in the master cylinder.

That’s why there’s bleeder screws on the brake components. So the system can be flushed.


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It would have eased my mind, but I’m pretty sure the previous owner declined a brake fluid flush when the rear brake job was done. And I didn’t do a flush when I personally replaced the right front caliper (the piston seized after I hit a deer); that was about the time the first shop told me they couldn’t do it.

Unfortunately the rust is a big problem in the U.P. of Michigan. This thing went from no apparent rust in about twenty years in Florida to holes in the door corners after five-ish years in Michigan. There is a good surface coat of rust on a lot of the suspension components, but I was able to replace the struts and get an alignment with no serious issues (I had to cut one stabilizer end link off in the rear).

Cars are only temporary residents in the North. :grinning:

Honestly the only thing I would enjoy about libing full time in Florida aside from being closer to some of my family would be the effect on my car.