Want to add E85 to unleaded a cocktail of sorts

Ok it’s to reduce the cost of gas. Has anyone knowledge of how much ethenole can be added to a gallion of gas before it causes issues to vechicles not set up for e85?

10% is generally the limit. Keep in mind that using ethanol may cost you more. You will get lower mileage with it.

EDIT: I did not state that 10% limit very clearly. 10% is safe for modern cars, but (this is the part I did not add) the gas you are buying already may have up to 10% mixed in. This is generally the case in many areas during the winter, but it still may be there during the rest of the year in some areas. The station people may not know themselves. Adding more ethanol could cause problems.

In short, it is a bad idea.

Whatever you do will likely INCREASE the overall cost of travel, taking into account the lower mileage from the alcohol part.

If you are doing this to reduce NOX and help the environment, do not exceeed 10% in a standard car, as stated.

I suspect the OP has an untaxed or free source of ethanol to use…

e85 as the number indicates is 85% ethanol.

the gas you buy at the pump is 10% ethanol.

i have heard of one boat owner who had his gaskets, carburetor and fuel lines fall apart after one month of fuel sitting in the tank. and this was with 10% ethanol boosted gasoline! so the ethanol DOES eat up non ethanol proof engines and systems.

the issue of “power” is relevant because you DO get less mileage and performance from ethanol. (this is why they use it in a 10% formula) ethanol is really used to boost the octane ratings. the old octane booster used to be MTBE but it is (was) REALLY bad for the environment.

In many regions the gasoline is already sold with 10% ethanol. Adding additional alcohol becomes a voyage into the unknown.

Are you sue it’s straight ethanol? Denatured ethanol has at least 5% of another alcohol added, like 2-propanol. Your car may not like the additive to your additive.

I believe that all ethanol sold for fuel purposes must be denatured. It’s a tax thing, to prevent fuel alcohol to be diverted for beverage purposes.

Still leaves the joys of Gasoline sniffing to contend with!!! just kidding. Dont rty this at home.

i have not heard of the denaturing. the ethanol i transport is mixed with a low percentage of gasoline to make it inedible.

10% is in the gas in NE where i will be experimenting with my old chev pickup. They built the countrys largest ethanol plant in the small town where my truck is. So I figure to ask the company for a tour an see if an enginer there can tell me when to much of a mix. Thanks for all your thoughts.

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