Walmart Battery

Has anyone ever purchased a Everstart battery from Walmart and are they reliable?

They are okay…But remember, you get what you pay for…There are indeed better batteries on the market, but not for the money…

Also check how old they are. Some box store batteries sit on the shelf for years, and I’d guess at Walmart they’re probably not going around and checking the charges and topping off as needed.

They’ll give you credit for it if it dies before the guaranteed age, but it’s less of a hassle to just make sure you’re getting a newer battery.

Been using them for several years. Have one that has lasted eight years so far, with some possibility it won’t make it the last year of the warranty. The others are too “young” to tell yet. I buy the more expensive Maxx from them.

A bought a Walmart battery fo $65 and had it for 4 years in a cold climate. When I sold the car the battery was still ok, so I got good value for money. Unless you are in Alaska, the Walmart top batteries are just fine.

So far, I’ve bought 3, 2 Marine batteries and one auto. No issues or problems thus far. If you take your old battery with you then you can save the return trip for $5.00 they give you for giving them your old battery.

“The majority of car batteries are created by 3 manufacturers - Delphi, Exide and Johnson Controls Industries. Delphi makes some EverStart models sold in Walmart and ACDelco. Johnson Control Industries makes Duralast seen in Autozone stores, Diehard - sold in Sears, Kirkland - the Costco brand, Motorcraft - which Ford sells, some of the EverStarts, and Interstate. Exide makes Exide batteries, Champion, Napa and even a % of the EverStart batteries.”


Just remember WalMart, as well as all parts places, sells multiple LEVELS of product. Just asking about the brand in general isn’t quite enough to answer.
As others have noted, they’re buying the good batteries at the discount place, not their cheap ones.

I’ve purchased WalMart batteries and have been satisfied. I had one fail after 6 months and it was replaced with no charge and no questions asked.

WalMart’s Maxx batteries - Extremely reliable and much moreso than Interstate batteries which seem to die suddenly after a couple years (actual experience in two different cars). And, I think the reason WalMart folks don’t go around toping them off, as someone suggested the WalMart folks might not, is because they are sealed batteries and don’t require filling. Great batteries for quite a few years in my vehicles. And excellent prices.

Been using WalMart batteries for several years now on 2 vehicles and they are highly reliable, much moreso than Interstsate batts that crap out after two years when it gets cold (actual exp in 2 diff veh). And, the reason WalMart folks might not be topping off their batteries is that the batteries are sealed and don’t require “topping off”, as someone elsewhere suggested might not be happening. WalMart Maxx batteries work great - keep on delivering high CCA all their life, are highly eliable, and priced great. Guarantee is great on them, too. WalMart DEMANDS high standards and low costs. BTW, they’re the only company that tells Exxon-Mobil how it will market it’s oil products to their stores and how much they can charge WalMart for their oil, as well. Pretty, pretty, pretty, powerful, wouldn’t you say? Imagine how good their batteries must be.

We had a battery outlet store in our community. One of my friends went there to purchase a new battery. My friend noticed that there was no label on the battery and asked about the make of the battery. The proprietor opened his desk drawer that contained a variety of labels, “What kind of battery to you want it to be?” the proprietor asked. As someone else posted, there are only three manufacturers of batteries. The advantage of purchasing a battery from WalMart is that WalMart has a high turnover and you are more likely to get a fresh battery.

I’ve been using one in my Accord for the past year or so per. consumer reports’ recommendation. So far so good. I’ll probably replace the dumb thing in 2 years and still feel that I got my money’s worth. Be sure to check the “freshness” date while it’s on the shelf before you purchase.

I bought one a couple of months ago for my 2004 F-150. No problems yet but it wasn’t as cheap as I thought it would be.

for 5 batteries i bought span of many years,one of them last 2 years but they replaced it even without reciept,just incovinience on my part to bring it back and put in.just remember if you buy look for the sticker on the side when it was manufactured,plus here in chicago i replace my battery q 4 years for peace of mind.