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VW Touraeg 2004 V8 Battery is draining by braining

Car was purchased from Car Max. I don’t know if thats relevant but, just so you know. I bought the car in 06. I have had minimal problems. Occasionally, it sounds like I hear water in the dash but…anyway. Heres the problem. Whenever the car sits over night or maybe even 2-3 nights, it will not start the following day without a jump from another vehicle. I took the car to the dealer, after several hits and misses, they said it was a short in the windshield wipers. I bought new ones. A day later the problem reoccurred. This time the dealer said that it was the navigation system. So…they unhooked it. Well, you guessd it!!! Two days later, the car will not start unless I charge it. Even if I charge it, it only last for a day or two and I have to charge again in the morning. Could it be the security system? I only drive this car on the weekends. Whatn keeps draining my battery? the dealer does not seem to know. they had to refund me my money. Please help.

Is that the original battery? If so it is about time for it to bite the dust anyway.

The dealer does not appear to know what they are doing and are just guessing. I suggest finding a good INDEPENDENT (not a dealer and not a chain) and have them take a look at it.

You also may just want to drive to an auto part store that gives free battery and charging system test.  Most are honest and accurate.  That's really good for free.

Occasionally, it sounds like I hear water in the dash That likely is not connected, but it sounds like you have air in your cooling system It just needs to be burped.

When you say that you bought new windshield wipers because the Dealer said the wipers had a short in them,well I think I will just stay out of this one.

Hey…that was a typing error. I meant to say that I replaced the wiping system. I did not just buy new wipers.

You haven’t answered Mr. Meehan’s question. How old is the battery?

There are plenty of things on this vehicle that require constant current from the battery by design. A battery nearing the end of its life will not be able to keep these things going and still start the engine, especially when the vehicle is only driven on weekends.

Has anyone tested the battery and the charging system? I suggest you have the battery “load tested.” Parts stores usually do this free.

Yes. I did purchase a new battery. The battery was the dealers first attempt at a solution. All of the other suggestions aboout navigation system replacement and windshield wiper replacement were made after the fact.

Search the phone book for an independent VW specialist in your area. The dealer is obviously just guessing.

Couldn’t he hook up a test light between the (negative?) terminal and the clamp, verify that there’s a light, and then pull fuses one by one until the light goes out?

Then he’ll have isolated the current draw.

Sorry I’ve never had to do this personally, but it ought to work.

You must use a multimeter for this purpose,we are dealing with miliamps here.

When someone says, “You should do such and such”, of course, they mean that your mechanic should do such and such. I wouldn’t wish any confusion on that.
You can, even, download and print this advice for your mechanic, present, or future. And here is more: Click on this link, and download and print for your mechanic: Many conscientious mechanics appreciate such instructions.