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VW Passat Timing Belt and problems

I recently had a new timing belt put into my 2003 VW Passat wagon at the VW service center I always use. It, and a few other things, cost about $1,800. A few days later, I got an oil warning while driving. I added oil and the same thing happened a few days after. I took it back to the service center and they said they had to replace the gaskets at a cost of another $500. Yesterday, the engine light came on and won’t go off. Could a bad job of installing the timing belt have caused the additional problems? Until now, the car has been problem free and reliable.

The engine light could be on for any number of reasons. Have the codes read and then you’ll have an idea what the current problem might be.

If you’ve never had problems with this garage before you shouldn’t automatically assume they’ve done something wrong. It could be simple coincidence.

The car is, after all, eight years old. It’s time for it to start costing you money.

By oil warning do you mean the red oil pressure (or lack of pressure) light?
If so, this means your engine is being damaged.

Exactly how much oil did you have to add and was the oil low again the second time the light came on?

Oil useage, oil pressure light, and so on has nothing to do with the timing belt.
As to the CEL that may or may not have anything to do with it either but it could have something to do with running the engine out of or very low on engine oil.

I had to add three quarts the first time it happened. The second time (three days later), it was measured in the shop and it was very low. I’ll check the oil level again.

When they did the timing belt did they also replace the cam shaft or crankshaft seal? Has it been inspected to see where the oil is going? It is leaking or being consumed and burned?

I HAD to use the car today and have to for the rest of the week. Yesterday, I added another quart of oil because it looked low, but it didn’t shut off the engine light. When I was driving home (today) the oil light came on and I drove directly to VW service. I left the car there, got a loaner, and am not a happy camper.