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Vw passat problems at 120k

I’m not sure if I should put big bucks into this car or sell it. It needs about $2000 of work. I always assumed I could get 200k mi on the car but don’t want to throw good money after bad. Yes, I’ve faithfully maintained the car and have all the receipts.

$2000, are you taking this car to the dealer? I am sure you can find aftermarket parts. Dealer labor is also higher.

What is the car worth on the market today? Go from there.

Get a second and third opinion from other garages. Does the car do something unusual, or did the mechanic just bring these issues up during regular maintenance? If there are no symptoms, I’d say it’s a boat payment. But get another mechanic’s opinion.

You might want to tell us what kind of service/repair is “needed” and who is telling you it is needed (dealer, independent garage, quick lube place?)