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VW Passat ESP engages at 60mph, randomly (?)

I have a 2004 VW Passat GLX Sedan. I love this car. However, since January it has had an issue with the “ESP” (electronic stability- something)randomly engaging on dry, flat roads at precisely 60mph. The VW dealer and another import specialty garage can’t find anything wrong with it. I would think I’m crazy (duh) except that on a VW forum there are three other Passats of various styles (00-04) having exactly the same problem at exactly the same speed. Mine is gas, not diesel, but one of the ones on the forum is diesel.

It doesn’t always happen but when it does happen it is always at 60mph (precisely). I can feel the little “grab” and then that light flashes. The import place said they got it to duplicate on the road but not in the shop, VW dealer says nothing at all happened despite many test drives. Nothing shows up on the diagnostics (at either place). I know it isn’t supposed to DO this, it didn’t do it until January of this year and is still doing it.

One of the VW associates said “don’t drive at 60mph”- how’s that for a solution?

Any ideas what this might be?