VW Jetta TDI transmission

I have a 2002 VW Jetta TDI. I had the transmission rebuilt two years ago and have a 3 year 150,000 mile warranty. The shop did several things wrong to my car and told me I needed a new engine . . . this was after spending over $7000.00 on several things for my car. Needless to say, I got a second opinion on the engine and found out they did not set the timing right when they put in a new fuel injector. I did take them to court and I did win my case but the judge only awarded me what I had to pay the other shop to fix my car and court costs. In the interium, I had the shop who actually fixed my car change the transmission fluid for its annual warranty service. Now, the transmission is acting up again so I took it back to the same shop who I had the warranty with. The shop is coming back to me saying the transmission fluid was low and that is what was causing the problem. The shop who did the fluid change is a reputable German Shop and I have no doubt that they added the correct amount of fluid. In fact, he gave me a print out on how it is done and even I could see that it leaves no doubt for error.

I think the original shop is just trying to take advantage of me because number one I have already given them over $7000.00 so they figure they can get more. Number two, they are pissed at me for taking them to court and winning (they even admitted they may have done some things that caused some of the problems) and Number three, they have my car so what else am I going to do.

Help! They said when they dropped the transmission there was only a quart of fluid that came out into the pan. I already know that a certain amount of fluid will remain as it is up in the transmission. Can I have put on 10,000 miles if the second shop had not put in the right amount of fluid or is this company setting me up for yet another rip?

You need a lawyer.

You should have never gone back to the shop you had to sue.
Fool me once…