VW Jetta 2001 A/C not working

Was working fine last fall - now will blow only hot air. Local repair shop said a recharge is $140 but that may not be what is wrong with it - that it could be anything and cost from $140-1,500… Has anyone seen this problem before? If I get a recharge and that doesn’t work, is there a senor, etc. that may need to be replaced? Last month I just gave them $600 to fix my broken water pump and the a/c was working fine then…?

Could be a failed compressor, a leak in the system somewhere, etc. The car is 9 years old, AC system components can start failing about now. Get it checked out by a competent VW mechanic.

It is also odd because even when air is switched to OFF it is still blowing. Everything worked fine until I took it in for them to work on the water pump!