VW Beetle transmission troubles

I have a 1998 VW beetle and when I have my foot on the brake and the car in drive it surges it also does it in reverse. But if i take it out of gear it stops surging. Does this mean i need a transmission rebuild? I have already had the fluid and filter changed.

Sounds like your clutch is not disengaging fully. It could be a simple clutch adjustment, or a new clutch needed. Do you want to DIY or have it done?

I am assuming that this is an automatic. I also assume that the A/C is not ‘on’ at the time.

What you describe is probably a driveability problem i.e. the engine is increasing and decreasing its idle speed for some reason. If you sit in neutral with your foot hard on the brake, does the engine surge? Is the surging more apparent when the engine is warmed up, cold, warming up, after a long freeway drive? When is the surging worst.

Yes it is an automatic. The engine does not surge when you are in neutral with your foot on the brake. It seems to be worse when you first start driving when the car is still cold. It seems to get better after driving it when it warms up.

This driveability issue is more likely to be engine-related than transmission-related.
You recently had the transmission serviced, but what about the engine?

What can you tell us about routine (scheduled) maintenance for the engine?
When was the last time that spark plugs and filters were replaced?

Has your mechanic checked for a vacuum leak, or a loose intake manifold?
Has he attempted to clean the fuel system?
Has he checked/cleaned/replaced the Idle Air Control (IAC)?

I did have a check engine light come on and Auto Zone told me the code was a vacume leak. Did not think that would cause this problem though. I have use fuel system cleaner in the tank but nothing with my mechanic. I haven’t taken it to a mechanic for this issue yet so no the (IAC) has not been replaced. Is that something I could do or do I need to take it to the shop?

As mcparadise stated in a different thread, getting relevant information is sometimes like pullng teeth around here!

Even though you did not think that a vacuum leak could be the possible source of this problem, you should have mentioned that diagnostic code, as well as the fact that the CEL was illuminated. Yes, a vacuum leak could well be the simple cause of this symptom. In any event, what is the maintenance history of this engine?

I really think that you need to get this car to a qualified independent mechanic for an accurate diagnosis before some charlatan at AAMCO hoodwinks you into an unneeded transmission overhaul.

Well phrased.