VW 1996 idle problems


Son has 96 Jetta GL, can’t keep idle up. Takes foot off gas, idle drops to 0 and stalls. When taking off from start, car is chugging thru the gears. sometimes stalls in between slow shift.

I was thinking gas filter? Any ideas oh wise ones?

I am not one of the wise ones but I will say the following:

If gas filter has no record of ever being replaced, now is a good time.
Vacuum hoses under the hood, if they have been ignored, take good close look them now, one maybe rotted.

Clean the throttle housing with appropriate spray and following the instructions on the can.

If it has the check engine light on, have codes read so to know what is going wrong.

Wizard had some really good ideas there. I will add that any past due maintenance is PAST DUE. Get it done now. Plugs and wires are a good place to start. Don’t stop when you find something that fixes the idle problem, do all the maintenance so you won’t have unnecessary future problems.