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VTi Transmission

I own a 2003 Saturn Vue with the VTi transmission (I know, I know, it’s a bad transmission), Yesterday when I put the truck into reverse it started to move but acts like the brakes are on. I have tried it a few more times and each time it acts the same way. Any ideas?

When the transmission goes it should throw up an error code and light up one of the dashboard lights (I think there is a light just for tranny problems). If you don’t have an error code on the trans then I would suspect something else first, such as a hung up brake, bad CV joint, or bad RDM (rear drive module).

You could start by putting it in neutral, jack the car up and try turning the wheels by hand, they should rotate freely in both directions.

Was your parking brake on? Maybe it froze and didn’t really release when you tried to release it.

  1. The brake pedal wasn’t pushed far enough, so the transmission was not in gear.

  2. The throttle did not open due to electronic problem.

  3. You described something different than those two situations. Did your engine speed up or was it situation 2?